September is a wonderful time of year. We’re still enjoying the heat of summer in the afternoon, mixed with the crispness of fall at night. Kids are back to school and parents are back to their routines. September seems to be a reset month before diving into the craziness of the holidays. It is also the perfect time of year to tackle that flooring project you have been pushing to the side all summer long. Ask yourself, what current trend should you try out in your home? Here are a few exciting things we are seeing.


Flooring colors are taking a walk on the lighter side. In hardwood and luxury vinyl tile, specifically, expect to see blonder, whitewashed, and more natural finishes. As homes continue to go to more open floor plans, hard surface floors are reflecting lighter, airier looks. There are many benefits to lighter floors. Not only are they timeless, but they also serve as a blank canvas to decorate against, they can take on any style (contemporary, traditional, or rustic), and they will always be classic.

For those of your looking for the depth and warmth you get from darker flooring, consider going with honey-colored floors or a white-washed floor that lets the darker undertones of the wood peek up through the finish or on the edges. This way you can still enjoy the beauty and openness a lighter floor brings to your space, however, you can tone it down a notch and add some depth with darker undertones. Ladies who spend their time at the salon on their hair color know what I’m talking about, am I right?! Just as color is with your hair, floor color should be natural, beautiful, and fit the style of the home it is going in to.


Spice up your space with patterns! Patterns in flooring are more prominent than ever across all types of flooring. There are many ways to incorporate patterns in your space: patterned carpet, ceramic tile in distinct shapes, a unique arrangement of carpet tile, or even hard surface planks laid in different patterns. With patterns, there are a few guidelines to consider.

Bold, high-contrast patterns work well in smaller spaces like bathrooms, laundry rooms, or entryways. Conversely, subtle, overall patterns are ideal for larger spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. With flooring products like hardwood or luxury vinyl plank, patterns are achieved through installation. Think herringbone, chevron, checkerboard…or whatever you can dream up.


Rustic is still a prominent trend in flooring, especially in the gorgeous Black Hills. However, it’s time to consider an updated approach to rustic—we see trends going from traditional rustic to mountain modern. Touches of color, over-distressed woods, and a focus on natural elements embody rustic. Gone are the days of bulky, stereotypical rustic design. When done right, mountain modern is a new take on rustic that combines the new with the old, making it timeless and refreshing. Rustic flooring doesn’t have to stay tied to the floors you walk on. Now is the best time to experiment with natural barn wood for wall accents and fireplace accents. There are also numerous ceramic tiles in distressed, rustic modern looks that make excellent backsplashes. As far as colors go, elaborate on your own style. If you like earthy tones or pops of color, go for it. A more monochromatic color palette is beautiful too. Anything goes with mountain modern!

With any design, trends can always be tailored to fit the exact look you are going for. Freed’s Floors, located on Haines Ave has a huge showroom with numerous flooring options for you to see and feel. We invite you to come in and take a look. You are welcome to take any sample home so you can see how it reacts to your space. We have lighter wood floors, playful patterns, and mountain modern floors, in addition to any look, you are going for.