5 reasons you need luxury vinyl

Luxury vinyl is the hottest trend in flooring…and I’m going to give you five reasons why. First, let’s discuss exactly what luxury vinyl is. Luxury vinyl is a flooring product that looks like wood, stone, or ceramic tile, but is completely man-made. It comes as luxury vinyl plank (LVP) or luxury vinyl tile (LVT). LVP and LVT are essentially the same things; the only difference would be the image on the product and
the dimensions of each plank or tile. Now that we have covered the basics, let’s jump into the benefits of this product and show you why you need to consider this incredible product for your next home improvement project.

1. Luxury vinyl tile and plank look incredibly realistic.

Although LVT/LVP is completely fabricated, it looks like the real thing. When looking closely at a plank or tile, you will see many layers of construction. LVT/LVP starts with a base of solid vinyl core layers that are pressed together. Next comes the decorative pattern which is actually a high-resolution photograph of what the plank or tile is representing. It can be made to look like maple, hickory, acacia, ceramic tile, slate…anything you can imagine. Multiple high-res photos are used to ensure variety in each carton of luxury vinyl tile/plank, adding to its authentic look. Finally, the high-res photo is covered by a clear, wear-layer (more on this later).

2. LVP/LVT is water-resistant and some varieties are even 100% waterproof!

Since LVP/LVT is made of many layers of vinyl, it is extremely water-resistant, meaning it’s ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements. Unlike hardwood or laminate, which does not mix well with water, LVT/LVP can get wet without much, if any, destruction to the product. Some brands, like Metroflor, exclusively sold at Freed’s Floors, is 100% waterproof! This means if you have Metroflor installed in your basement and your basement floods, you can pull up the Metroflor LVT/LVP, let it dry, and re-install it. It’s truly incredible!

3. Luxury vinyl is extremely low maintenance.

We discussed all the layers that make up each luxury vinyl tile/plank; however, the top layer, which is a clear, wear-layer, makes this product so resilient and low-maintenance. The wear layer helps prevent scratches, chips, and dents, making this product an exceptional option for busy families, people with pets, or even clumsy people who drop cans of tomato sauce on their floor (like me!). In addition to its durability, LVT/LVP is easy to clean. It can be mopped with basic soap and water (gotta love that water-resistant part!). Finally, the wear layer and vinyl construction make luxury vinyl warm to the touch, slip-resistant, and quiet.

4. Luxury vinyl is easy to install…if you are handy.

LVT/LVP is an ideal flooring option for the handy-person or DIY-er in your life. LVP/LVT can either be glued down with an adhesive or it can click-together with a tongue and groove construction. Planks and tiles are very flexible, easy to cut with a scoring knife, and pretty easy to work with. Not feeling up to the install challenge? Freed’s Floors has a crew of professionally trained installers that would be happy to install the product for a minimal charge.

5. Luxury vinyl is friendly on your wallet.

a. LVP and LVT are, oftentimes, a less expensive option, when compared to hardwood and ceramic tile, making this a major bonus for this product. Options start as low as $0.99/square foot.

What’s not to love about luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank? Not only is it aesthetically rich, resilient, water-proof, and easy to clean…it’s budget-friendly! Sounds too good to be true, right? Don’t be fooled, we can’t give you a downside to LVT/LVP. Freed’s Floors has a huge selection of in-stock luxury vinyl tile and an even bigger array of special order options. You MUST stop in to see these products. The Flooring Specialists at Freed’s Floors would be delighted to show you and give you a gazillion more reasons why you should consider luxury vinyl.