What do carpet tiles mean for commercial flooring?

If you have a commercial location that needs floors, carpet tiles could be fantastic. They are affordable, offer beautiful visuals, and have plenty of durability. And they work well in a wide variety of spaces.

Choosing these carpet products can help you create a beautiful space, no matter the size. And you'll find them to be very durable, with lifespans ranging from 10 to 20 years. A professional installation gives you even more confidence, so find out more.

Beautiful decor matching carpet tiles

Carpet squares are perfect for any decor, with beautiful products. You can choose a fiber type, color, style, and design, to help you create a space that matches any interior decor. And since we can mix and match carpet tiles, you can even create unique designs made to your specifications. You'll also find trending options that make these pieces even more appealing. And we can help you find those that best match your look. So, browse all these choices, searching for your perfect match.

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Durability is essential in a commercial space

We understand that commercial carpet has to serve a specific need. And durability is one of the essential characteristics of these products. In addition, the fibers used to create these products are perfect for busy spaces with heavy foot traffic. Some options offer built-in stain protection, offering even more peace of mind. These are great for spaces where you might expect spills or messes. And they're easier to clean as well, for excellent results for years to come.

Ease of installation is part of the package

Nothing could be easier to install than carpet tiles. And that's excellent news for commercial spaces, where time is money. You'll be walking on your new floors in about a day in most situations.
Luxury carpet in Rapid City, SD from Freed's Floors

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When you shop at Freed's Floors, we'll find the commercial flooring you need. Our experienced associates help you find all the best materials. And we'll work with you until you're satisfied with your choice for any size remodel. Our Rapid City, SD serves residents from Rapid City, SD, Sturgis, SD, Spearfish, SD, Custer, SD, and Hot Springs, SD. And we look forward to helping you find your best carpet tiles. Take time to visit us today to learn more about what we can do for you and your floors.